About Cosplay in a Bottle

Hi there. My name is Laila and I love cosplay! Specificaly taking pictures of other people doing it. Cosplay In A Bottle was created to allow me to share my cosplay pictures and create awesome cosplay libraries. Why Cosplay In A Bottle? because the nature of Cosplay is ever changing and there are also new stuff to photograph or find but I wanted to encapsulate it. I wanted to have these photos available and stored in a place that cannot be touched by the passage of time, like one of those boats in a bottle or a letter in a bottle, just with cosplay!

Picture and Sharing Policy

Feel free to use the pictures I upload to the website for personal use not related to the internet. However, if you use any of my pictures on your website/blog please remember to link back to my post or homepage. Remember that respecting another blogger’s contribution to the net is important.
There is only one condition in which you may not use my photographs:
The photographs that I post on this blog and are my property (were photographed by me) may not be sold or traded for money in any form, be it on another blog/website or by physical means (CD/DVD/paper).


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