E3 is all about games, and when you have games you have video game cosplay!
Today’s post is all about video game cosplay, with a twist. I hear a lot of people who complain about “the low quality of Western coplayers”. To prove to the world that Western cosplayers are just as good as their Asian counterparts I decided to have a non-Asian video game cosplay post. I’ll start with a little disclaimer: the pictures shown in the following post are pictures that I have collected from various places around the net. Unlike the rest of the pictures in this blog they do not belong to me. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Saber 2

Before the Fate franchise expended into anime/books/figures it was just a good visual novel (an interactive story-book type video game). This cosplay of Saber from Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night is amazing!

Saber 3

Moving along we have some cosplay of Final Fantasy characters (these are always popular).



What a lovely Zell! I wonder if his clothes are as good looking as his face is 🙂


That’s the real Cloud Strife – a tough bulky manly man.


cosplay FF

Let’s continue with some Street Fighter and Dark Stalkers cosplay.


Cammy 2

Cammy 3

Yowza! That’s a bit NSFW, don’t you think?


That’s the best Morrigan cosplay I’ve ever seen. It definitely ranks high in the sexiness and authentic categories.

The last part of this post is going to be a bit eclectic. Can you guess who are the characters without looking at the picture titles?

Badass Pikachu

What and awesome pikachu! Gotta catch them all? I don’t think so!



samus 2

miranda mass effect

This picture is obviously photoshoped but this post is about E3 so I let it slip.



faith mirrors-edge

So many lethal girls. It used to be that if a girl appeared in a video game she had to be ultra-feminine or else non-gamers would complain how vulgar the representation of women is in video games. Now it’s the opposite: if a woman is in a video game she better be a cold-hearted head-smashing bikini-wearing terminator, or else people will complain that she is too feminine. Just look at Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland. It’s a great game that came out this month, but some reviewers (specificaly IGN and Gamespot) gave it low review scores because the main characters have cute and frilly clothes. Since when did it become vulgar for women to wear feminine cloths in video games?


2 responses »

  1. Patrick says:

    Well, it’s still that little problem that a girl has to have tits, ass, barely any clothes, shaved armpits and make up or else or else gamers and non-gamers alike will complain how vulgar the woman is. Honorable exceptions of course, like Mirror’s Edge. But then again, DICE are from Sweden.

    • Laila says:

      Not all of them are as scantily clad as you posed it, and I think a woman is entitled to use her “natural assets” as long as it isn’t done in an obscene way.

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