Since E3 is just around the corner I decided to share with you the photos I took at the Tokyo Game Show in 2008.

Aerith and Yuffie

First We had Honda from Street Fighter. Next in line are Aerith and Yuffie from FF VII. Yuffie is my favorite VII character! But her limit break kind of sucked. The game totally tried to ignored awesome characters like Yuffie and gave Cloud an unbeatable final limit break. Speaking of Cloud…


Aerith and Yuffie

Yuna and Rikku

And here comes Yuna and Rikku from FF X! this couple was really camera-shy and kept holding each others hands through the photo session. As a result I wasn’t very happy with the poses they made. I’m looking forward to seeing the “real” Yuna and Rikku again when FF X HD comes around in a year or two.

Yuna and Rikku 2


Haruhi! I’ll give 10 internet points to whoever can name the two other characters. This was supposed to be a commercial for some unknown DS…I think?

Counter Girls

We end our tour with some counter girls from Level 5. Compared to the others they were dressed quite casuall but I love that blue glitzy scarf! I wonder where they sell those ^$^ (that’s my “shopping smiley” face).


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