Cosplay in a Bottle’s 2013 Anime Predictions

This week Nadav from Anime started an anime-blog carnival in which we all write about our anime predictions for the upcoming year. You can read all about it in his original anime predictions post. I decided I’ll jump aboard and write my own predictions. Keep in mind that I’m not nearly as polite as Nadav so my list might sting a bit. Continue reading

Video Game Cosplay Bonanza


E3 is all about games, and when you have games you have video game cosplay!
Today’s post is all about video game cosplay, with a twist. I hear a lot of people who complain about “the low quality of Western coplayers”. To prove to the world that Western cosplayers are just as good as their Asian counterparts I decided to have a non-Asian video game cosplay post. I’ll start with a little disclaimer: the pictures shown in the following post are pictures that I have collected from various places around the net. Unlike the rest of the pictures in this blog they do not belong to me. With that out of the way, let’s get started! Continue reading

Tokyo Game Show 2008


Since E3 is just around the corner I decided to share with you the photos I took at the Tokyo Game Show in 2008. Continue reading

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009

Full Metal Alchemist

I went to Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 (TAF 2009) and sadly didn’t find a lot of cosplayers to photograph there. Here is my small collection of photos from that event. Continue reading

Summer Comiket 2008

Cloud and Aeris

This time we are going back to 2008 for the 2008 summer Comiket! It was a sunny day and all the cosplayers where happy and gladly posed for my camera. Most of them were really polite and wanted to chit-chat while others were all “business”. Continue reading

Cosmode 2009

This is the first post of Cosplay In A Bottle. Yay! Let’s start with a couple of Cosplay photos from Cosmode 2009. This was a fairly small convention organized by the Cosplay magazine Cosmode and I wish I could take more pictures but I arrived really late, about one hour before everyone left 😦